Four Things You May Want to Know About Cartilage Piercings

Four Things You Need To Know About Cartilage Piercings
Picture above:  Eve |  Chasing star  purple flower obsession | Smile helix earring 


  • What is cartilage piercings? 

What is cartilage piercings?


Picture above: Helix- Stars Lover | Mid Helix- Alice Charm | Low helix-Chasing Stars | Lobe- Around with love Tragus-Blooms

 Ear cartilage piercing is any piercing of the stiff part of your ears. Including the helix, daith, tragus, forward helix, conch and rock.


  • Does it hurt?

A cartilage piercing is little different with the lobe piercing and it will hurt a bit more. For healing time, it may also take longer than lobe healing which need about 3-6 months to be full healed and typically ranges from person to person. Please do follow the healing instructions offered from your professional piercer. 


  • What material suits the best?

For a new cartilage piercing, low-carbon surgical stainless steel and titanium are the ideal materials, which is really common used for the fresh one. Because they are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, as these are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.


  • How to style?

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