How to Maintaining Healthy Ear Piercings?

It is pretty normal to have some sort of reaction to a piercings. Here's exactly how you should care your ear piercing as successfully as possible.


Before you get started, tools you may need:

1. Alcohol pad

2. Antibacterial soap or salt with warm water, or h2 ocean spray


Steps to care your ear piercings:

1. Super Clean Hand

Always washes your hand before touching your piercings. Hand touched so many things throughout the day, germs will transfer and could lead to infection. Make sure your hands super clean before you wear and take off earrings. 


2. Clean earrings posts with alcohol pads

If your ear get infected, make sure to take off your earrings before you go to beds. Gently clean the post with alcohol pads. Germs and bacteria can collect on the earrings themselves. Clear your jewelry 1-2 times per day to help keep them clean until your infection clears.

If your ear is fine, you can take it off and put your earrings in your jewelry box or you can sleep with your earrings. However, sleep with your earrings may be uncomfortable, also result in your ear being torn, just be careful. 


3. Clean ear piercings with salt water

Always be gentle to your ear. If you are at home, take some salt out mix in a warm water until it dissolves, clean your ear before you go to bed. If you are travel outside, there is an easy solution. Buy a h2 ocean spray from Pharmacy store or Amazon. Easy to carry and easy spray. 


*Most infections can be resolved at home with antibacterial soap, salt water or h2 ocean spray. If the infection doesn't clear up in a couple of days, you will need to consult a dermatologist to prevent it from spreading.

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