How to fix loose earring back?

Earring back will loosen over time. Here is a quick tip on how to secure your loose earring back.

  • What is earring back?

Earring back also called ear nut, is a little piece that goes on the back to secure  and holding your earring to post.

  • Tool you will need:

You will need a pair of nose pliers. If you don't have one, a normal pliers works too.

  • How to tighten loose earring back?

Insert the round nose pliers and turn toward the middle to tightening that little coil. Then go to the other side with the same deal. Do this in small movement until the desire amount of tension is achieved.

If you don't have a pliers that small enough can go into the coil and turn them, there is a simple way to use a normal pliers.

Stick the earring back in between and give a little pressure to push the two coils together. Just be gentle to prevent damage, don't push too hard.


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