5 Questions Before you Spend on Jewelry

Did you know what materials of jewelry are waterproof? hypoallergenic? won't get tarnish? Can I wear jewelry after I have my fresh cartilage piercings done? If you are having trouble to find yourself the right jewelry, don't worry, we are here to help!


OHMO Jewelry made of titanium, sterling silver, brass, acrylic or beads and crafted in 24k/18k/14k gold/white gold to help retain the colors and shine. Each materials have its cons and pros. Let's jump into the article!

1: What kind of jewelry in your store is hypoallergic?
Our titanium or sterling silver jewelry will be the best choice for you. You can look them up in our Material collection > Titanium section, Sterling Silver section.

2: Is OHMO JEWELRY waterproof?

Generally, jewelry should be always kept dry and stored properly.

On OHMO JEWELRY store, for jewelry that made of titanium, brass with 24k gold or sterling silver, you’re safe to shower with them or wear them to sports.

For jewelry that made of brass with 14k/18k plated, we recommend to keep it as dry as possible. If you shower with it once and awhile, or very rarely, the jewelry will be fine.


3. Is OHMO JEWELRY gets tarnished?

This process is natural, almost all jewelry will tarnish eventually. Jewelry will get tarnished when they comes with perfume, sweat, makeup or body oil which all contains elements like sulfur and oxygen that react with the chemicals present in the jewelry, changing its color.

Our jewelry are made of high quality, mainly titanium and brass with 14/18/24 k plating. Taking care of them and will be comfortable to wear day and night.


4. How to choose cartilage earrings on OHMO JEWELRY shop?

Cartilage ear piercing mainly including helix, tragus, daith, conch and flat etc.

Currently we have more than 100 single earrings for your choice, you could get into our store - Earrings - Cartilage - Helix/ Tragus / Conch / Flat to choose the part you want. As for other ear piercing earrings, we will launch them ASAP!


5. Can I wear jewelry from OHMO after I have my fresh piercings done?

Sure you could wear our lovely jewelry after your piercings are total healed. And we also recommend you to choose our titanium jewelry to avoid the risk of causing an allergic reaction.


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